E.A. Mattes Dressage Eurofit Saddle Pad w/ Sheepskin Panels Large / White

E.A. Mattes Eurofit Dressage Saddle Pad

Size: Large

Sheepskin: Underside Panels

Sheepskin Solour: White

Quilt Colour: White

Binding Colour: Fuchsia

Outer Piping: Raspberry

Middle Piping: Pearl

Inner Piping: nil

Mattes Logo Embroided: No

Mattes Logo Thread Colour: nil

Girth Velcro: White

Washing & Care Instructions

Each Mattes product comes with detailed washing and care instructions attached. For optimum life and use of your Mattes product please follow these instructions. If any questions please get in touch with NextGen Equine.

Important Information

There is a possibility of dye bleeding from dark or bright coloured sheepskin onto light coloured quilt. A slight staining is possible from dark or bright coloured wool onto the hair of light coloured horses. Fading of the wools surface is also possible due to the composition of the horses sweat, which can be different from horse to horse. The same applies to dark and bright dyes on saddle leathers.

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