Horse Connect

Welcome to the HORSE CONNECT, the horse for sale community hosted by NextGen Equine!

With Facebook making it tough to advertise our horses for sale, NextGen are launching a small community space within our website for our followers to advertise their horses.

Send in the details of your Show or Dressage horse for sale with one (1) quality photo. Currently this service is FREE and includes unlimited updates, edits & where we can we will share on social media. Each listing will remain on our website for a period of three (3) months. Listings can can re-submitted for publishing if not sold.ย 

Just a small way to give back to the community that supports our small business!

Buyers - please ensure you contact the seller directly. Contact phone number and location is to be provided in each advertisement!

Submissions can be e-mailed to us at

By using this service you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • NextGen Equine publishes horse for sale information provided by the seller and gives no warranty as to the truth, accuracy or sufficiency of the content of any advertisement.
  • NextGen Equine accepts no liability for any loss suffered by any person as a consequence of relying on information provided in any advertisement.
  • Purchasing a horse is a large investment, if in doubt of any aspect of the purchase process or a prospect to buy, NextGen Equine recommend you consult a professional.
  • Submission does not guarantee publication. NextGen Equine reserves the right to not publish submissions that do not fit the objective of this service.

To view current horse for sale listings click onย Horse Connectย from the Home page and the breeds will appear as a sub-menu.