Custom Order E.A.Mattes | Turquoise, Purple, Petrol & White

Welcome to the Mattes Showcase!! You are in the right place if you are not sure on colours and need some inspiration or would like to order an existing colour combination.

NextGen Equine do not charge extra for piping, up to three rows of piping are included in the price!

Colour Combination

This striking colour combination is Turquoise quilt, Purple binding, Petrol/Pearl and Purple piping. The top tape is Black and the girth velcro is White. The Mattes logo or any special embroidery is White.

Sheepskin Option

If you wish to add sheepskin, we recommend a mid to light colour quilt for the dyes in the darker colour sheepskin may leak onto the lighter coloured quilt.

If you are not sure on some aspect of your Mattes selection, please drop us a line, we are more than happy to help.

E.A.Mattes have their own configurator, click here to go their site.

Order Times

As these are custom items and are made overseas, please allow 6-8 weeks for your order to arrive.

Saddle Pad Shape

Available in Eurofit or Square.

Saddle Pad Style

Available in Dressage, Jumping or All Purpose.

Saddle Pad Size

Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. If you are not sure there is a measure chart contained within the product photos.

Saddle Pad Embroidery Options

The Mattes logo can be embroided at no cost if requested. Alternatively, you are able to get text and or numbers (maximum 12 characters each side) embroided at extra cost.

Prices | At a Glance

Saddle Pad prices include binding, sheepskin, up to three rows of piping and Mattes logo embroidery.

$  99.00  | No Sheepskin
$154.00  | Sheepskin top front and rear trim only
$209.00  | Sheepskin Panels, no top front or rear trim
$252.00  | Sheepskin Panels, with top front and rear trim
$289.00  | Sheepskin Panels down to shoulder, top front and rear trim 


Add $10.00 | Velvet
Add $10.00 | Saddle Fix
Add $50.00 | Correction System
Add $15.00 | Special Embroidery Both Sides (limit of 12 characters per side)
Add $64.00 | Matching Ear Bonnet (Normal) Save $15.00 off normal price
Add $74.00 | Matching Ear Bonnet (Silent Ears) Save $15.00 off normal price

Matching Bonnet Information


There are two options:

1. Plain, no fabric patch.
2. With fabric patch, select this option if you wish to get any embroidery done.


There are three sizes available: Medium (Cob), Large (Warmblood) and Extra Large (Draft). If you are not sure on sizing there is a measure chart contained in the photos of this product description.

Colour Variation

A colour may vary slightly when reproduced. NGE have colour swatches on hand for every part of the saddlecloth that we can photograph and send to you. 

Saddle Pad Quilt

High quality twill fabric, also used to produce heavy duty work clothing.
The inside is a double laminate of POLYFLEX® (deep needled polyester felt) and polyester wadding.
The construction is absolutely air permeable.
No foam, neoprene or gel or similar material!
MATTES® Quilt-Design results in a quilt that is firm enough to keep its shape. It does not get lumpy and it does not turn limp. Thus excellent washing and drying properties. Even after many washings no breaking of the laminate along the seams. Anatomical correct shape, high wither cut, hence no pressure in the wither area.

Saddle Pad Velvet

All MATTES saddle-pads are now available in MATTES-velvet material.
The new velvet material is made specifically for us, from high quality Polyester material according to our high quality requirements, where the velvet fibre is an especially structured lustrous fibre to give the material that beautiful glossy velvet look.
This velvet is also very light and wash resistant (considerably better than cotton) and is more durable than normal velvet.
The soft upper padding is about double the volume than our normal pads, which gives it the quilting this beautifully raised surface structure.
The POLY-FLEX® layer prevents amongst others the deformation of the pad, like all MATTES pads.
The backing is polyester velour, preventing friction and chaffing of the horses skin with it’s upright standing fibres.

Saddle Fix System

Safe and quick Fastener-System, the ideal improvement to perfect the use of all our SPINE-FREE® and especially our CORRECTION®-System-Saddle-Pads.The Centre of the Pad is lodged high up in the gullet to allow complete freedom for the spine.
For accurate fastening of combinations of our sheepskin half pads with under-pad or top-pad. No alteration necessary on saddle. Adjustable for all saddle-sizes.

Spine Free

Our SPINEFREE® design prevents any pressure in the wither area and along the spine. Combined with our SADDLE-FIX® fasteners it guarantees the exact
positioning of the pad. Specifically when combining MATTES®-Sheepskin-Half-Pads with our QUILT ONLY Pads, as top pad or under pad. All our saddle-pads are made SPINEFREE®

Washing & Care Instructions

Each Mattes product comes with detailed washing and care instructions attached. For optimum life and use of your Mattes product please follow these instructions. If any questions please get in touch with NextGen Equine.

Important Information

There is a possibility of dye bleeding from dark or bright coloured sheepskin onto light coloured quilt. A slight staining is possible from dark or bright coloured wool onto the hair of light coloured horses. Fading of the wools surface is also possible due to the composition of the horses sweat, which can be different from horse to horse. The same applies to dark and bright dyes on saddle leathers.


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