CUSTOM ORDER | E.A.Mattes Chin/Chain Pad

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E.A.Mattes Bridle Poll Relief Pad

This is a custom item, allow 6 to 8 weeks for production and delivery.

We usually have some of these in stock, please check out our in stock section.

Measurements: 14cm long and you select the inside width of the pad, selecting from 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, or 6cm. 3cm is the most popular.

Made from SOFTEDGE sheepskin, so there is no hard edging against the sensitive chin area of the horse.
The chin pad may assist to alleviate pressure and rubbing from curb chains and crank nose bands.
These pads do not twist or slip, but we recommend to only use a pad that is fitted to your strapping.

The sheepskin colours are the same 33 colours used across the E.A.Mattes range, allowing you to match all your items.

We have colour swatches of all the sheepskin colours available to take photos and send to if you cannot decide on a colour.

Washing & Care Instructions

Each Mattes product comes with detailed washing and care instructions attached. For optimum life and use of your Mattes product please follow these instructions. If any questions please get in touch with NextGen Equine.

If you are not sure on what colour, we have colour swatches available that we can take photos of to help you decide.