CUSTOM ORDER - Otto Schumacher 'Donatella' Venedig Double Bridle & Reins

Otto Schumacher 'Donatella' Venedig Double Bridle & Reins

This is a custom order, lead time is 8 to 10 weeks.

Colour Black: Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full & Extra Full

This bridle is truly a masterpiece, the artisans at Otto Schumacher have created something special.

There is no comparison to the quality that is Otto Schuacher, made from highest quality leather and hand-made in Germany. 

One of the most popular Otto Schumacher bridles, the Venedig is a masterpiece of styling and design.

The crown piece is anatomically formed to give the horse's ears a bit more room, and is padded for comfort.

The browband is a crushed crystal medley that really catches the light in the show ring.

The black patent noseband is 4.5cm wide at the front (including padding), and tapers to 3.5cm at the sides. The chin padding is extra soft to prevent pressure points and give your horse a comfortable ride.

All the hardware is stainless steel and the bridle is finished with plain leather snaffle rein and curb rein.

Please Note: This bridle cannot be used as a snaffle due to the mono crown head piece!


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