• Hi Shine Equine HiTone Silver X2 250ml - NextGen Equine

Hi Shine Equine HiTone Silver X2 250ml

  • $ 39.95 AUD
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  • Ultra-Concentrated
  • Easy to use
  • Non-permanent staining on hair
  • Fast, effective results
  • Safe for use on mane, tail & coat
  • Contains conditioning agents
  • Economical
  • pH balanced
  • Non-drying & damaging

HSE HiTone Silver X2 is a salon formula, ultra-concentrated toning solution for grey & white horses.  It is a simple, quick and extremely effective way to neutralise the brassy yellowing left in mane, tail & body hair after washing.  HiTone Silver won’t remove grass, manure & urine stains but it will colour correct grey and white hair after shampooing or stain removal leaving the hair ultra-white with sparkling silvery highlights.  Regular use will help prevent stains penetrating the hair cuticle.

HiTone Silver X2 as the name suggests, is double the size bottle and double strength.  It’s as concentrated a toner as you can get, making it ideal for lots of greys and extremely economical.