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E.A.Mattes | Which girth does my horse need?

The ideal girth, whatever the brand is influenced by various factors including:

  • Anatomy of the horse: Horses may grow and/or change shape over time.
  • The fit of the saddle: It is important to take the time to engage a professional saddle fitter to periodically check your saddle fit.

We get many enquiries about E.A.Mattes girth products from people looking to resolve saddle fit issues with an alternate girth. We will always recommend going one step back and getting your saddle professionally fitted. Your saddle fitter can be an excellent resource to give you advice on the best brand or shape of girth to suit your situation.

The following recommendations for girth shapes are based on the anatomy of the horse only.

E.A.Mattes girths have a very special girth design with integrated cross-webbings and spreader inserts that result in even pressure distribution and prevent wrinkling or contraction of the girth. The narrow part ensures plenty of room for elbow movement without losing stability.



For horses with a proper girth groove far enough away from the elbow of the horse.

The girth is cut back in the front and rear in the elbow area.

This girth can be used in both directions.




For horses with a girth groove less prominent or closer to the elbow area or where the girth is situated far forward.

The girth is cut back further in the front to allow extra distance to the elbow.



For horses with short backs, wide rib cages and/or a narrow chest.

The crescent shape gives room for the bulk of the rib cage and belly and prevents the girth from pushing forward.




For horses with an athletic wedge shaped build. 

This special cut of girth prevents the girth and saddle from sliding backwards.


How to measure for a girth

Always measure for a girth with your horse saddled with the girth tightened, as if you were about to go ride. Both sides of the girth must be buckled evenly.

Measure from the lower edge of the saddle flap on one side to the same point on the other side. Once you have this measurement subtract 30cm and lastly round up to the next girth measurement. Note: E.A.Mattes girth come in 5cm increments.

Example: Overall measurement is 101cm, less 30cm gives 71cm, this is then rounded up to a 75cm girth length.

Ensure the buckles of the new girth are well away from the elbow to allow free movement and prevent rubbing and chafing.

E.A.Mattes girths length is calculated on buckle end to buckle end.