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What is the E.A.Mattes PM System?

  • 2 min read

I get this question often, and probably is the most under utilised feature of the E.A.Mattes Saddle Pad offering. Named after a Peter Menet who was a designer of Amerigo and Vega saddles, the PM System Saddle Pad has a small buttonhole where the top girth touch tape would usually sit and the Half Pad utilised needs to have no front or rear sheepskin on top. The touch tape on the PM Half Pad slides through the slits on the Saddle Pad to act as an anchor in bringing the two together that eliminates any siding, extra movement or friction and creates the feel of a single cohesive pad.

If you get the PM System on your Saddle Pad and never use it, it does not interfere with the day-to-day functionality or aesthetics of your Saddle Pad. In fact, it makes your Saddle Pad more versatile by giving you the option and maybe appealing to more buyers if you go to sell the Saddle Pad in the used market. All my personal Saddle Pads are made with the PM System to give this versatility.

If you have a horse that demands sheepskin underpanels and others that do not, the PM Half Pad is easy to fit for these situations. By being removable it also helps with cleaning if you wish to wash the items separately.

The PM System gives you maximum flexibility in customising your Saddle Pad, gives you the same as a ‘full fleece’, sheepskin front/rear on top and semi-lined underside panels. There is no cost to opt for the PM System under the Touch Tape option when designing your Saddle Pad but your Half Pad needs to have no top sheepskin and be the same size of your Saddle Pad.

The Saddle Pad in the image below contains the PM System button hole, can you see it?

E.A.Mattes White Quilt Dressage Pad showing PM System

If you have any questions regarding any of the E.A.Mattes range, please get in touch via e-mail or direct message us via any of our social media.

For a practical view, here is a neat video from E.A.Mattes demonstrating how the PM System integrates.