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VALUE BUNDLE | Dr Show GG Healer Creme 350g & GG Healer Essential Oil Spray 750ml

  • Keep your horse first aid kit topped up with the best healer cream on the market.

    Dr Show GG Healer 350g

    The Dr Show GG Healer is a great general purpose balm that is performing well on our own horses to help issues like rubbed ears, girth galls and greasy heal. When Dr Show initially formulated the GG Healer to use on their own horses however, after chatting with friends we quickly realised that they too wanted our cream for their own horses.

    Used in conjunction with the Dr Show Conditioning Shampoo, we have found excellent results with itchy horses and dogs. Once you have a tub in your tack box you will find it will be the go to product for many issues with your horses skin. 

    Stop it before it spreads by covering with GG HEALER. It will soften the scabs making it easier to treat & kill the bacteria. Applying morning and night and wiping away the scabs before re-applying will accelerate the healing time.

    Dr Show GG Healer Shake & Spray Essential Oil Spray 750ml

    This spray bottle does include a Spray handle, it isn't shown in the  bundle photo.
  • Dr Show GG Healer Shake & Spray Essential Oil Formula is a general purpose fast penetrating spray to aid in the healing of a variety skin issues. The liquid is ideal for penetrating deep into the dock or similar areas where our cream would not penetrate as well. Applied regularly you will find the healing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic & soothing properties of the natural oils in the formula may aid in healing and recovery.

    GG Healer Shake & Spray has our unique blend of Tea Tree, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Rosemary, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Coconut & Pine Tar Oils. Aloe Vera to aid in healing and Ethanol to give additional antiseptic support.