ARRIVING SOON! - E.A.Mattes Sheepskin Poll Relief Bridle Pad - Black, Brown or Natural Sheepskin

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  • $ 22.95 AUD
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14NOV20: These items are in production and are due around early DEC20.

E.A.Mattes Bridle Pad with Adjustable Touch Tape

In stock colour: Arriving early DEC20 - Black, Brown & Natural Sheepskin
Black sheepskin is shown in the product photos. The touch tapes are black on all the products regardless of the sheepskin colour.
20cm long and 3cm wide.
The soft edge sheepskin is turned back over the edges so no hard edging comes into contact near the sensitive ear area.
The soft side of the touch tape is sewn to the sheepskin and you have 3 touch tape adjusters that you can vary the size of and where you place touch tape adjusters along the sheepskin pad.