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Quick Knot Deluxe | 35 Pieces

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  • The most advanced mane clip on the market for creating professional plaits. The clip is easy to use, and will save you time in preparation for competition.

    With patented unique design, three-armed top with knobs and recesses, the Quick Knot is now more secure than ever - and reusable!

  • Create the most stunning plaits The Quick Knot Jewel revolutionizes plaiting with its universal turn/click system, allowing easy and versatile application to any section of the mane.

    Reusable pin for endless plaits Insert the pin, bend the end and voila!. After use, effortlessly straighten the pin and remove it, ready to be used again. Say goodbye to wasted time on disposable alternatives.

    Accessible for all ages and levels Whether you are young or old, a seasoned professional or amateur, the Quick Knot tool requires minimal energy and strength. It's designed to be effortlessly accessible and suitable for everyone.

    Secure grip without hair entanglement Enjoy the peace of mind with the Quick Knot's superior grip, ensuring that your plaits stay in place throughout the event. Plus, you can remove the knot without any worries of tangled hairs.

    Customisable options for a perfect fit With a range of three vibrant colours and two sizes available, you can always find the perfect Quick Knot variant to compliment every horse's mane.

    Save time and keep horses comfortable Experience the convenience of plaiting in just a few simple steps, minimising the time horses need to stand still and reduce any discomfort they may feel.

  • Made in Holland.

    How to Guide:

    Step 1 - Make a plait

    Step 2 - Role the plait up

    Step 3 - Push the Quick Knot down through the back of the plait

    Step 4 - Make sure the pointed end of the post comes out at through the centre of the plait

    Step 5 - Turn the bottom of the Quick Knot post up to secure your perfect plait

    Step 6 - To remove pull the Quick Knot, pull the end of the post down and remove from the top of your plait.